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Your Initial Enquiry

We will discuss your needs in terms of a dog and decide whether the dog in question is suitable for your circumstances, if not, we will make suggestions towards the type of dog you should be looking at to suit your family and environment.

All our dogs are fully assessed and live in a family environment, so we know exactly who will suit who. This means they live as part of a family and have free range to exercise and toys. They are not kept kennelled. The dogs are neutered (unless they are too young, too old, or the vet advises against it for a medical reason), wormed and flea treated

Home checks

All potential homes will be fully home checked.  When we carry out a home visit we are not just there to make sure the garden is secure, we are there to offer help and advice too. You will be asked to complete an adoption application. We will not accept a vets reference or a previous home check from another organisation - we always carry out our own home visit.

Please do not be offended if after the home check is carried out, the dog you initially enquired about turns out to be unsuitable for your circumstances. This is why home checks are very important. Just because one dog isn't suitable for you - it doesn't mean that another wouldn't suit your family perfectly, and we will suggest other dogs to you. Please remember Pet Welfare try very hard to match the dogs personalities to human personalities, animal personalities, lifestyle situations and environments at your home.

Please note: We will not home female pups into a home with a resident un-neutered male, and we will not home male pups into a home with a resident un-spayed female.

For a successful homing to take place - all the pieces must fall into place.

Adopting A Dog

If everyone is in agreement that this is the right dog for you and your family - and most importantly the dog is happy with you - then the adoption can take place.

Adoption Contract

New Guardians are required to sign an adoption contract and a donation towards the continuing work of the rescue is requested.

Please make sure you read the adoption contract thoroughly.

Please note that an adoption contract is a legally binding document.

Suggested Adoption Donation

Our suggested minimum donation is £125, though this varies, depending on the dog.  We do not discriminate between pedigree and non pedigree dogs, but large breeds cost considerably more to neuter and this is reflected in the adoption donation requested.  Older dogs or those with medical conditions are appraised on an individual basis.

Please remember you are making a donation towards the continuing work of the rescue, you are not buying a dog.

Unfortunately, as of the 1st January 2012, we have had to raise our suggested minimum donation to cover higher food and vets bills. Our previous suggested minimum donation of £80 no longer covers the basic vet care a dog receives before leaving for a new home, let alone anything else, and even raising the suggested minimum donation to £100 is barely breaking even to cover vet costs - so any extra people can give as a donation is very, very gratefully received.

Basic vet costs per dog:

Male Neuter: £100
Bitch Spay: £100 - £190
Worming & Flea Treatment - £8

Please do not ask for, or expect a free dog.
We find it very offensive to the dogs and our work if people do not want to give the donation - you are not just doing us a favour by taking a dog. . The adoption donations are what keep all rescues going and without them we can not save dogs, and to put it very bluntly in this day and age, adopting a dog from a rescue is a good deal. Take a look at most rescue organisations suggested minimum donations, and then take a look at how much a puppy or a dog would cost you from a breeder, or even from the free-ads. Add on top of your initial purchase price, worming and flea treatment and finally neutering or spaying. Plus you will most likely have no back up should things not work out as you thought.

Going Home

All Pet Welfare dogs go to their new homes with food and information about the food they have been eating.

Once that is all completed your new dog is then officially the newest member of your family.

Our Adoption Procedure - please read carefully.