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We should like to highlight a major concern of ours….the new trend of on-line sales of pets. Sites such as Preloved have pages of unwanted dogs, often free or very cheap. The future of these dogs is very uncertain.  Many pedigree dogs are snapped up  by people wanting to breed from them, taking them from their homes, having litters of pups, then selling the dogs on cheap when they have no further use and starting the cycle again. Many are kept outside and in poor conditions as they are purely used for profit. There is no legislation to stop them from doing this over and over again! People often just browse the site and take the dogs out of sympathy or a whim, not considering the responsibilities of owning a dog and then give them up at a later date. Bigger dogs are often bought as guard dogs…destined to live outdoors being encouraged to be aggressive and if not suitable, given away again or put to sleep!

Once the dog has changed hands it becomes the ‘property of the new owner who can then breed, sell or give the dog away to an unsuitable home…without question.  Taking on a dog from one of these sites is also a big risk. There is no guarantee of the dogs history, it may have serious medical or behavioural issues….it may be stolen or a lost pet. Trading animals in this way is unacceptable and needs to be stopped. As a rescue we ensure all our dogs are spayed/ castrated. All potential homes are vetted and the dog is assessed by our fosterers to gain knowledge of its needs and suitability to live with other pets/children etc. and to learn any problems it may have. This way we can home each dog to the most suitable home and try to ensure it stays there for life…not be passed from home to home.  The dog is always the property of Pet Welfare and cannot be rehomed or put to sleep without consent.

All our dogs are homed as family pets, they must be kept indoors and be kept healthy and comfortable…or we have the right to remove the dog. We have these rules to make sure all dogs in our care have the life they deserve…regardless of age, breed or problems it may have.

On line sales mean that anyone can pose as a caring person looking for a pet, even when this is not the case at all. Please can everyone avoid these sites. Shortly we will be starting a campaign to stop these sites from trading free and cheap pets…or at least to have some sort of regulations. We would ask all of you to support our campaign. If anyone feels they can help in any way, please call Mandy on 01785665888 or Anne Marie on 01785211765 / 07865543365.