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The Dangerous Dog Myth

Pet welfare never discriminate against any animal purely because of age, breed or health issues. There are many people who do discriminate against certain breeds of dogs. We have all heard people say ‘those vile Staffies, they are vicious dogs’ . In fact the reputation of Staffordshire bull terriers being vicious comes from the fact that they were used as fighting dogs many years ago. But are these

people aware of why they were used as fighting  breed of dog could have been used to fight, at the end, one has to win, same outcome no matter what the breed, but staffs were also fantastic home dogs, they were called ‘nanny dogs’ because they would sit by the baby’s pushchair,watching over them.

They love people so much that when the fights were being split up, the owners could put their hands in to grab the dogs. Now with most breeds, the adrenaline pumping and the dogs being angry, they would snap and bite the hands, but the staffs would not bite the owners, they were so trustworthy and loyal that they would look up at their master and do as he asked. How sad that their loyalty was taken advantage of.

Rottweilers, mastiff types, German shepherds and bull terriers are all classed as dangerous dogs; some are even classed as devil dogs and evil. Of course these dogs have the potential to be nasty, all dogs do. Not being socialised as a puppy, incorrect training or no training at all, poor housing etc... can make any dog potentially dangerous, which is why pet welfare promotes responsible ownership, it

is why we check all homes, and we only place dogs that are suitable for that home.

The newspapers very rarely print stories that are not ‘news worthy’ for example - have you ever been told the case of the baby mutilated by a dachshund or the child who needed 68 stitches after being mauled by a Labrador…these stories go unnoticed by the tabloids. The US has collated figures showing the number of fatal attacks as percentages, the Labrador holding lead of recorded incidents, pit bulls next, followed by Yorkshire terriers. !! ( Dogs Today magazine, Feb 2008 ).

We believe that all owners should be made responsible for their own animals, all should be identifiable, and all owners traceable. Breeding should be strictly regulated, these are puppies lives, not extra income and breeders should be made responsible for every litter they produce. This would help ensure that all breeds had a better start in life.

Dogs can be moulded in to whatever you want them to be. We wish that all people would put time and effort into training their dogs to be happy, well behaved family pets, but unfortunately some people either put no time or effort in at all, or train them to be nasty.

Please don’t judge a dog by its appearance or reputation, give them a chance, you never know, you may like them!