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How you can help

There are many ways you can help.


Volunteers - we are always in need of additional help. By walking a dog in  kennels it helps to improve the standard of the dogs life and socialise  them.


Fostering - become a short or long term foster carer until an animal finds a permanent home.This is invaluable for the animal and us as it is more beneficial to the animal and allows us to assess the individual animals requirements. Food and Veterinary care will be provided.


Donate - donations of money and food towards the animals upkeep. It cost us £35.00 per week per dog for kennel fees. Veterinary bills can also be a drain on resources costing on average £1000.00 per month. Sometimes more.


Fundraising - arrange a quiz night, sponsored event, car boot sale etc. in aid of Pet Welfare. Help is always needed with our regular tom bola's. Donations of unwanted but new items are always required for tom bola prizes.


Every penny raised and every item donated goes directly to helping the needy Animals of Pet Welfare


Please help us in any way you can - Thank you