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Hen rescue October 8th.

This was the weekend of our hen rescue of ex battery chickens.

Each year millions of hens are sent for slaughter at only 18 months old and replaced with young, all in the name of cheap food. Once the hen lays less than 5 eggs a week she becomes un-economic for the farmer. Battery hens live an awful, short and miserable life. When they first come to us they are almost featherless and they display none of their natural behaviours, but given a few weeks they start to recover.

We rescue as many as we can and find them loving homes where they can live out a happy natural life which they deserve.

Our next battery hen rescue was due to take place mid-November. Unfortunately it has been postponed until after Xmas. Due to consumer demand for cheap food, these poor hens will be spending Xmas in battery cages.

Remember battery hens don’t have a choice but you do.

If you would like to adopt some of our rescue hens please contact us.

Battery Hens