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About Us

Pet Welfare is a non-profit making organisation based in Staffordshire, which rescues and re-homes unwanted animals. Pet Welfare is placed squarely at what we would term the rough end of Animal Rescue, which means we do not discriminate against any needy animal according to its species, pedigree, sex or age. We are against the breeding of animals, that is why we neuter our animals before re-homing.  We operate a strict non-destruct policy.


In our care we have dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and chinchillas.

Our Policy

Pet Welfare’s policy is that we never destroy healthy animals. We try to ensure that all our animals have a good quality of life even if they require specialist care and have specialist needs.


We ensure that all our animals are either neutered or spayed and try to educate people about the benefits for the animal, and in the long term to reduce the amount of unwanted pets.


All potential homes are vetted before adoption. This is to ensure the home is suitable for the animal and the animal is suitable for the home.


An adoption contract is provided. Within the contracts are a set of terms and conditions which must be agreed with and signed before the animal is allowed to be adopted. A copy of this contract is kept for our records and to allow us to monitor the animals progress in the coming years.


All Pet welfare funds are for the sole benefit of the animals in our care. We do not sell animals or profit from their predicament. We ask for a donation for any animal adopted to help meet some of the cost of neutering, veterinary care, vaccinations etc...